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Photo Caption: What a day, what a day.

Not only was it our first Indie, it was also a very scary experiment in figuring out how the market works and what the customers want during the peak months of summers, and how better to accommodate their needs with new products. Surprisingly sold a couple of beanies at a MAJOR discount of 40% (sale was one day only, folks, sorry if you missed it!), sold a bunch of dolls at a HUGE 50% discount, and premiered our new awesome CAT wallets as well as their counterpart Bread & Butter wallets, and gave a 20% discount on the Totoro backpacks. Woah. Bet you’re wishing you’d figured out where the Clifton Marquee was right about now, huh?

I am completely wiped out as of right now, and even writing this post is taking its toll (sleep deprivation + lots of coffee + lots of chocolate cupcakes – NO HEALTHY LIFE SUSTAINING FOOD is having me laugh randomly and hysterically. Mom is mildly concerned) and so I’d like to thank EVERYONE who came by to say hello, or whoever bought anything, or took an interest in us in any way (Express Tribune, looking at you here). It honestly means so much to us, and gives us immense motivation to keep going forward, innovating and designing and improving the quality of our products and service <3

Last but not least, a shout out to the organizer of the event, the Firefly girl, Varah Musavvir. Thank you for the platform, the opportunity and the badge. :p You've no idea how much it helped out. Here's to many more expos with you in the future, InshAllah!

GAH. BUS. The flood of inboxes will be dealt with tomorrow — and by tomorrow I mean when I wake up (wont be early, that's for sure :p). Hope you had a great day today! 😀
This is the Mocha & Co. team signing off.

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