Thursday, Thursday, gotta ship everything on Thursday.

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Every Thursday, the team of Mocha&Co has now decided, we will be doing two things:

1) We will be shipping your orders.
Shipment will not take place on any other day of the week. If you order, say, a cellphone pouch on Wednesday, and we have all the materials on hand, and the time it requires to be made, then it will be shipped to you by Thursday.
On the other hand, if you order a big crochet bag on Wednesday, then that will be pretty much impossible to make and ship the very next day. To ensure you get your desired items on time, make sure you order well before Thursday rolls around.

2) The second thing we’ll be doing is uploading new stuff every Thursday only. And for every week, we will have a set ‘theme’ in mind. For example, next week, we might make up our minds to only make crochet berets. Therefore, the coming Thursday, your newsfeed will be flooded with many cute crochet berets. The next week, we might fancy doing a line of crochet necklaces — and that is what you will get then.

Thanks for taking the time out to read! 🙂

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